A G Suite platform let you set also other settings, which can’t be set from the admin console. For these settings an API call is used. 

At first we mention a dito gam that is very popular among the admins. It lets you to enter commands from a command line, eg. the following one will enable to establish the signatures of all employees in the company: 

gam all users show signature

Similarly you can simply use the administrative rights to manage end users, without you know their passwords - eg. setting the signatures, setting a delegated mailbox, redirect emails and also supports highly desirable operations. If you want to know more informations, you found them in a Help for that product.    

As we stated, the gam is well suited to set the users settings, but is limited to the predefined functions. To fully utilize of all tolls that Google offers take advantage of appscript, which already requires at least a minimal knowledges of a programming and Javascript. 

You can achieve everything that the gam allows by using the appscript and automated activities of applications on Google Drive. 

We can offer you a training for the appscript where we show you the properties of this tool. If you are interested in training, please contact us via the email address ask@revolgy.com .


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