Do your employees need more storage in their Google Drives? You can increase it arbitrarily.

What does the extension mean in practice?

How it works?

Current capacity is increased by selected additional capacity.

For example:

20 GB – €3,00/month (resulting storage capacity is 30GB + 20GB = 50GB)

50 GB – €6,00/month (resulting storage capacity is 30GB + 50GB = 80GB)

Detailed informations on prices are to be found here

What do you need?

  • Administrator account credentials (received by e-mail registration).

What is the process like?

  1. Send us request via our portal in order to pay Drive storage extension from your corporate account (to have the payment contained in the same invoice as licenses payments are):

  2. We activate extension for you.

  3. From this moment, you can manage your licences in admin console. Follow this guide: 

  4. Extend storage will be invoiced together with your other services. 

Also is good to consider the switch to G Suite Business. Among other advantages, it has unlimited Drive storage.