With the flexible tariff you can increase and reduce the number of licences freely during a month. We will charge for services only on the basis of the real utilization.  


In the case of the annual tariff you can increase the number of licences freely according to the described steps in the procedure herein. The number of licenses for the annual tariff will be automatically increased and charges will be billed to you accordingly from the next month on (in the case of the annual payment, the invoice will be sent to you with the increased charges to the end of the annual period).

If you reduce the number of users through the administration console, there is no reduction of the annual tariff in the annual period and the charges for the annual commitment will not be reduced. You can reduce the total number of licenses at a renewal of the annual tariff. You’ll receive an information email with the option to determine the total number of licenses before the expiration of your annual tariff. 

If you are still experiencing difficulties don't hesitate to contact us here.