What is needed?

  • Your credentials for the admin account (you received them in the registration email).

  • Invoicing details which you will fill.

  • Details of your credit card. 

What are the steps?

  1. To adjust the paid version and invoicing, please log in with your admin account (you received the credentials in the registration email) at the following address: https://myservices.revolgy.com/#/my-services

  2. Click on “Set up billing for G Suite services” on home page.

  3. In the next steps you can: 

    1. choose the type of G Suite subscription 

    2. enter the invoicing details 

    3. enter your credit card details

  4. After confirmation of the entered data  your chosen G Suite subscription will be activated.

From that moment the G Suite services and invoicing will be done in accordance with the selected type of subscription.