Some day you will need to create some of your users for any reason and now we will show you how to do it.
First of all, you need to know which plan you have (flexible, yearly plan).


If you have flexible plan, there is nothing more simple than go to admin console, log in with your admin username and password and go to users

  • Then just add users clicking on plus button

  • The only limitation you can have is maximum of licences and if you will this problem, just contact us and we will increase it for you.


  • If you have yearly plan, you need to know, if you have enough of licences.
  • If you have great! You can do it just like in flexible plan, but if you do not, please go to customers portal and then to Subscription.

There you can increase number of licences and after propagating of those licences you can finally add users you want!

If you are still experiencing difficulties don't hesitate to contact us here.