Differences in plans

Revolga customers most often choose the Annual Plan because they pay once a year in advance and are taken care of. Most of them are smaller companies with a stable number of people. It is possible to add users, at that moment the customer pays a proportionate part by the end of the year for one or more licenses that he adds. However, it is not possible to remove the user until the end of the commitment.

On the contrary, the Flexible Plan is used by customers, where the number of users is evolving and they prefer to pay continuously, always for the past month. You can add or remove users at any time, just delete them in the Admin Console and the change will be automatically reflected in the next invoice. There will be more lines on it, as for example from 1.11. to 15.11. you have two users and from 15.11. to 30.11. you have three users.

Price differences

Previously, the annual commitment was favored by a bonus of a 20% lower price compared to the flexible commitment. However, in 2019, Google removed this benefit and also increased the price of the annual and flexible commitment. Official article HERE

Prices and types of Google Workspace licenses can be found HERE

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Here are a summary of the differences between the two plans

Annual plan
Flexible plan
How often do I pay?
Once a year in advance
Monthly, always for the past month
Price advantage over the second plan?
Can I add users?Yes, with additional payment until the end of the commitment
Yes, at any time (reflected in the next invoice
Can I remove users?Not possible
Yes, anytime