There is a setting in Gmail that control how your data is used within Gmail, Chat and Meet.

Smart features in Gmail, Chat, and Meet that depend on your data include:

- Automatic email filtering/categorization - important feature which enables you for example to search in PDF files you have received
- Smart Compose and Smart Reply

- Email nudges and high priority notifications (in case when there is a conversation without reply for 3 days)
- Summary cards above your email showing package tracking or travel updates

- Using event details to create calendar entries
- Assistive writing suggestions
- Intelligent search suggestions

Change smart features & personalization settings

For Gmail, Chat, and Meet:

 - On your Android phone or tablet, open Gmail .

 - Tap Menu Menu and then Settings and thenthe account you want to adjust.

 - Scroll to the “General” section.

 - To turn smart features on or off, next to “Smart features and personalisation” check or uncheck the box.