After your employee left it is needed to take care of the data that remained and also of the messages that come into his/her mailbox.

The following steps will solve the account security including a two-phase authorization and mobile devices. We described below the process how to not lose an email communication of the employee who left and we also took care of the frequent requirement for a data transfer, especially the emails a documents on Google Drive

What do you need?

Your credentials for the admin account

When an employee is leaving it is necessary to resolves:

  • data backup

  • change of the data ownership on Google Drive

  • transfer of employee emails to another email account 

  • editing in the admin console

We recommend a following process:


If we want to transfer documents, we use a service for an ownership of documents transfer to a new employee.

We transfer the emails using a migration tool in a G Suite administration.

Take the steps above as a template and adjust that as needed in your company.