Required permissions: Gmail user

If you've just started using Gmail, you can transfer your old emails to it from another email account you already use.

Important: If you use Gmail at work or school and you don't see the option to import mail, your administrator might have turned off this feature.

- Open Gmail on your computer.           

 - In the top right, click the gear icon Nastaven√≠ > Settings.

 - Click the Accounts tab> Check Mail from Other Accounts> Add Email Account

 - Follow the on-screen instructions - Fill in the email address and password.

 - Select all four options below.

 - Select Add Account >>

 - Click Start Import.

To give you enough time to let others know about your new Gmail address, we'll forward messages sent to your other account for 30 days. Then we recommend setting the old email address as an alias to the new email address.