You can use Gmail templates to create multiple signatures for different types of emails.

  • Examples

    • An internal company signature includes your team pages, current projects, and more.

    • The client-facing signature has your name, phone number, and organization website.

    • A jobseeker's signature can have your company's career website, job placement instructions, or video call instructions.

Enable templates

  1. In Gmail, click the gear button Settingsand thenSettings

  2. At the top, click Advanced

  3. In the Templates section, select Enable

  4. At the bottom, click Save changes

Create template signatures

  1. In Gmail, click

  2. In a window Enter your signature and edit it as needed.

  3. Clickin the bottom right corner Moreand thentemplatesand thensave draft as templatesand thenSave as a new template.

  4. Enter a name for the template signature and click Save.

  5. Continue creating and sending a message or close the window  and use your signature at another time.

  6. Optional: Create multiple signatures for different needs (internal, for clients, ...)

Sending emails with template signatures

  1. Open Gmail and click 

  2. Clickin the bottom right cornerMoreand thenTemplates.

  3. To insert a template, in the Insert Template section, select the saved template that you want to embed in your email.

  4. Create the rest of the message and click Send.