Would you like to have more users in MyServices, so you don't have to do everything related to MyServices by yourself, for this exact case we introduced MyServices User management system.

Users permissions

As we know that there are many internal and even external users related to your company, you can invite even users without your company email address, without any special G Suite permission and choose what they will be able to do inside MyServices.

  • Admin - Users with Admin permissions can edit all data in MyServices, and they can also add or delete users from MyServices.
  • Editor - Users with Edit permissions can edit all data in MyServices, but they can't add or delete other users from MyServices.
  • Read-Only - Users with Read-Only permissions can view all data in MyServices and download invoices, but they can't edit anything.

Note: Keep in mind that due to security, after you will send the invitation, then it will be active just for the next 24 hours

Step by step

1. Log into MyServices at myservices.revolgy.com

2. Click the "Users" tab in the navigation

3. Click the "Add User" button

4. Enter users email address and choose his role within MyServices

5. After you will confirm invite form, then the invited user will receive an email with an activation link (Keep in mind that the activation link will be active for just 24 hours)

6. Once users will accept your invitation their status in the Users table will change from "Invitation sent" to "Active" and we will display names they enter in the registration