G Suite becomes Google Workspace.

Google announced a complete rebranding of its communication and collaboration tools. With the change of the name, design and massive improvements to the user experience of their flagship product G Suite, they also introduced a brand new pricing policy. If you are not familiar with this change, we highly recommend you to visit our web, or contact our customer care team for more info.

Since this MyServices update, you will be able to see all Google Workspace services and edit maximum number of Workspace accounts. During November we will add another update, in which we will enable setting of the Renewal option and activation on Annual billing plan.

How-to articles in MyServices.

We extended our Support tab with new page called Solutions, and you can find all our "How to" articles there. You can, for example, read about how to use MyServices, or frequented asked questions about G Suite/Google Workspace setup. There are three ways how to you can navigate through Solutions:

You can choose one of the main categories, which you think will contain an answer to your question and then select an article from the list.

Or you may try to use quicker way trough Search. Please type at least three letters so we will be able to offer you relevant results of articles. If you do not find your question between the offered results, then click the Show all results button, to see all relevant results.

For even smoother experience of browsing between articles, we have implemented breadcrumb navigation under the main page title, so you can quickly jump to screen with categories or list of all articles inside the category.