Additional services & updated design

All add-on's to G Suite and Google Workspace such as Google Drive, Vault or Cloud Identity are now listed in MyServices Services section. We also updated the design of services cards.

Google Workspace options

Do you use Google Workspace? Now you can manage it directly in My Services. You can now:

- activate an annual plan,

- change the renewal option

- upgrade or downgrade your Google Workspace subscription.

Update from G Suite to Google Workspace

If you didn't switch from G Suite to Google Workspace yet here are your options:

- If you are on the G Suite Flexible plan, you could now do the switch directly in MyServices.

- If you are on the G Suite Annual plan with monthly payment, you can do the switch directly in My services, however, you will only be allowed to upgrade your edition (see the image below).

- If you are on the G Suite Annual plan with yearly payment, contact our customer care team for more information.

GCP in MyServices

You can now view all Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Billing Accounts related to your organization in MyServices Services tab. You can see all the default information such as:

- name,

- ID,

- status

- and the number of projects under your Billing Accounts.

- you can also view all the users that have any access to your Billing Accounts.

GCP Projects IDs in support tickets

In case you have any problems related to GCP, please report your issues using our support form. We added a field where you can choose the ID of a project the issue relates to, to make sure we can resolve it much faster.