Info: You will receive an email notification if the status of a request changes

Requests in MyServices can be marked with one of five statuses that indicate whether we are working on the request, waiting for your response, or that the request is resolved.

Being processed

Each time you make a new request, we will mark it as being processed until we resolve it or require your assistance.

Awaiting your reply

If we require your assistance or need additional information, we will change the status to Awaiting your reply, and you will receive an email notification. If you do not respond to our messages, Customer care team will close your request automatically after 96 hours.


You can mark a request as resolved if you know how to resolve the issue and no longer need our help, or our team will do it automatically 96 hours after your last response.


All resolved requests will be automatically marked as Closed after 24 hours, and you will no longer be able to respond to them.