Details about Google Workspace

Most of the new features can be found in the Services section, where you'll now find a chart showing your spending on Google Workspace services over the last 12 months and a breakdown of monthly costs by line item on your invoice. New features also include a basic report on how your users are using each Workspace application. In the report, you'll find a comparison of Gmail, Meet, Drive, Sheets, Docs and Slides usage over the last 7 and 30 days.

The navigation in the Services section has also undergone a functional change and is now divided according to the platforms you use - i.e. Google Workspace, GCP, AWS. The main reason for this change is the detailed statistics and reports for all platforms, which we will gradually introduce in the coming months.

Better orientation in the knowledge base

Our knowledge base is growing at an average rate of one article every three days, and for many of you, navigating through the endless lists of articles has become very confusing. For this reason, we have added subcategories to each category for better orientation, into which we will gradually sort thematically related articles. With this change, you will now find a list of relevant articles to the topic of the open article below each article.