• How can I connect Gmail signatures to the GWS Admin Console?

Here you can find instructions on uploading signatures from MyServices to your Gmail.

  • How can I customize my signature in the HTML editor?

For more information, read our article about the HTML editor with tips and tricks.

  • What happens when I publish a Gmail signature in MyServices?

When you publish a Gmail signature in MyServices, the signature is written into the personal Gmail settings as “My signature”. You can check it out in Gmail settings > See all settings > Signature. If there’s an existing template for “My signature”, it will be replaced.

  • “My signature” disappeared from Gmail settings. Why?

If you can’t find the “My signature” template in Gmail settings, you may have removed it using the “Unpublish” action in the MyServices portal.

  • What is “Send preview” used for?

Use “Send preview” to send yourself a preview of what your signature will look like in the email signature.

  • Can I see the custom attributes I created in the preview?

Unfortunately, no, as this feature has not yet been implemented.

  • Why doesn’t my MyServices signature appear when I reply to an email?

When you publish a Gmail signature from MyServices, the signature is set up only for new emails. If you want to use the signature for reply/forward emails, select the template in Gmail settings > See all settings > Signature > Signature default > ON REPLY/FORWARDS USE.