HAR file is a tool how to analyze software errors. It is a record of operations that happen in Google Chrome when a user is performing what appears to be a problematic action. 

Getting HAR file

In Chrome, go to the page where you want to record the HAR file.

  1. Open Developer Tools (Inspect)

    1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + I (letter i) or follow steps b and c.

    2. Click the Chrome menu, three dots in the upper right corner of the browser window ⋮

    3. Select Mote tools> Developer tools for developers)

  2. Click the Network tab.

  3. Check theat the top Perserve log.

  4. A red circle appears at the top left of the Network tab. This means that the recording started. If the circle is black, click the black circle to start recording activity in the browser.

  5. Refresh the page  (F5 / refresh) and repeat the problem while recording is active.

  6. After the problem reproduces successfully, right-click any row of the activity pane and select Save as a HAR with content.

  7. Select thetab Console 

  8. Right-click the panel and select Save as ...

  9. Name the log file Chrome-console.log.

  10. In communicating your problem, submit both of these files for problem diagnosis.