Required permisson: Admin
Note: Original email address becomes email alias

Change of the email address or username from your organization can be done in the Google Admin console. Changing your display name will change that name in many places (emails that users send // calendar invitations // and other Google services) that appear in emails they send, calendar invitations, and other Google services.   

When you change a user's email address, they must sign in to their Google Account with the new email address, but changing their name does not affect their email address unless you change their address. To set up an email alias 

 - On the Admin Console home page go to Users.

 - In the Users list, locate the user. Learn how to find a user account.

 - Hover over the user you want to rename and click Rename user

You can also find this option at the top left of the user's account page.

 - Change any of the following:

  • First name and Surname - the name that appears in the emails they send.

  • Primary email - is the email address and name they use to sign in.

Click Rename (RENAME).

If you change your email address ... 

  • The user must now sign in to their Google Account with the new address.

  • The user continues to receive mail at the old address (becoming an email alias).

  • If a user's new primary email address matches an existing Google Account, you may be prompted to resolve the conflict before you can rename the user. Learn more about conflicting accounts.