What is Google Vault?

Google Vault is a tool that allows you to store, search and export data according to your business needs. Google Vault supports Email, Hangouts, Google Groups, Google Docs and shared drives. 

There is no need to have any additional software installed to use Google Vault, as the entire service works in a web browser. Simply put, Google Vault provides an easy way to store selected files in the cloud and search among them for needed information when needed. 

Who is Google Vault for? 

Google Vault is designed for administrators or domain owners who want a tool to clearly archive data in Google Workspace . Google Vault is a natural fit for Google Workspace Business Plus and also, Enterprise and Education. Vault is not a natural part of Google Workspace Business Starter or Standard, but can be added as an option. 

What types of data can be stored, searched or exported through Google Vault?

Vault allows you to search for virtually any communication that has taken place through Gmail, Hangouts, Google Talk or Groups. As well as documents stored on Google drive. More information on supported data types can be found here.

How do I get into Google Vault?

Google Vault can be found in the Google Workspace admin console. The way to access it is through Applications -> Google Workspace -> Google Vault. Alternatively, just click on this link. 

How to set up Google Vault? 

Once you get into your Google Vault you need to set up a data retention policy. Google Vault allows for a fairly comprehensive setup of what will be kept in the Vault and for how long. The settings are varied and always match the specific requirements of the business. 

For legal reasons, the Vault is often used to hold files. File retention is superior to standard retention and is not time-based. This feature of the Vault can be used, for example, to retain data that is expected to be used in the future and cannot be deleted at any cost. Examples include potential litigation and preservation of email communications. 

All files that can be found in the Vault can be exported. For example, files can be exported to PST, MBox format, XML or CSV.

What is not Google Vault for?

Although it may seem so at first glance, the primary purpose of Google Vault is not a backup tool. While Vault does allow for time and date unlimited archiving of data, once the data is removed from the Vault, there is no way to restore it. The primary purpose of Vault should be to search through old files and possibly recover key data, as well as export it.