Info: Creating requests doesn't require any permissions

User permissions define what users can and cannot do within your organisation in Myservices. Currently, we have three main permissions available - Read Only, Edit and Admin.

Read Only

Read Only are the lowest permissions available, and users assigned with these permissions can open all MyServices tabs in main navigation, but they cannot edit or delete anything in them. These permissions are most often granted to internal/external accountants who need access to Revolgy invoices.


Editors can not only open all the main tabs, but unlike Read Only users, they can edit or delete data and change settings. Since these users can, for example, edit a billing contact, activate Workspace AddOns, or create a new GCP Billing Account but cannot add another user to MyServices, this role is most often given to regular IT colleagues.


Admin permissions are the highest permissions in MyServices, giving Admins access to all of your organisation's data and settings. Unlike Editors, they have full access to the Users tab and can invite new users or delete current users from MyServices. Since Admins have access to everything, this role is especially suited for executives or managers.