Google designed Google Workspace from the ground up with a focus on quality security and privacy in line with the highest industry standards. However, we understand your infrastructure is a complex network of different software and hardware, and some businesses might be especially concerned with the security of their data. This is why we designed our Security Audit services.

Improve your security
Our security experts can provide you with a thorough analysis of your ecosystem connected to Google Workspace and recommend a set of improvements to ensure you stay compliant with any internal or external policy. If needed we can also help you implement them or train your admins. Get in touch with us directly to discuss your needs and get a quote for the service.

Get expert recommendations for:

Device management

    Whether you use company laptops and mobile phones, or have a "bring your own device" policy, we will help you make sure that you have full control over the company data stored on them. We'll help you enforce security policies for your users or set up remote deletion.

Identity management

Whether you use SSO, 2fa, context aware access or other identity management system we will show you how to secure your Google Identity and automatically enforce regular password update and other security policies.

Access management
Once you have your identity management in place, we can show you how to gain more control over what kind of data different users have access to. Weĺl help you set up policies for Google Drive, Chat, Calendars and more.