Required permissions: Google Workspace account

Note: To prevent spam, Google Calendar may limit the number of invitations you can send based on your account type. Learn more about Calendar usage guidelines.

You can use Groups to quickly invite lots of people to an event at once. When you invite groups, you can have up to 100,000 guests.  

Invite a group to an event

Current members of a group can view an event on their calendar.

 - Go to Google Calendar.

 - Enter the email address for a group the same way you’d add any guest. 

Tip: If you have "View members" access to a group and create a group event, each member receives an invitation email.

If you don't have “View members” access, the group receives an invitation. For the event to display on a user’s calendar, each user has to accept the invite from the invitation email.

View responses

You can view the RSVPs in the group if you:

 - Are the event organizer

 - Have edit rights to the event

 - Go to Google Calendar.

 - To view responses, next to the group Group, click the Arrow Send .

 - If you don't find the group icon and arrow, you don't have permission to view the group's member list.