The Advanced Support offers an affordable technical platform support package with SLA based response times backed up by partner Google supporting package. Provides you with around-the-clock L1 support as well as L2 and L3 cloud engineers. 

What pains and needs it solves?

- I can't be left alone without 24/7 support with great response times

- I want to have access to Google Technical Support as well 

- I am afraid, that we are not able to resolve all critical issues ourselves

Key features

- 24/7/365 support coverage with response times (P1 in 15min)

- access through our engineers to Google Technical Support

- great alternative to official Google Supporting packages

Note: We don't have direct access to your Google Projects.

Price Range

Tier Monthly cloud spend (EUR)
GCP Advanced Support Fee
10 - 10.000EUR 500
210.001 - 25.000EUR 750
325.001 - 50.000EUR 1.000
50.001 - 100.000EUR 1.500
5100.001 - 150.000EUR 2.000
6150.001 - aboveEUR 2.500