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Do you need to backup the data from your account or the account of another employee? There are several possible ways:

  • The easiest one is to use Google Takeout backup services, which allows to backup the user data at once or only specific services of your choice. In the case of using this service for the emails backup, you should remember that all emails are backed up in mbox format that you can open eg. via Thunderbird email client. 

  • If you want to backup the emails, contacts and calendar to the Outlook, use an add on GASMO that sets up itself after the installing and setting up credentials. If you plan to backup a larger mailbox, don't forget to increase the size of the pst file. If you plan to migrate this backed up emails into the employee email box in the future, you should prefer be to backup it as PST file. The PST file can be easily migrated by using a migration tool, contrary to MBOX format.

For both of the above solutions, you must have full access to the accounts you wish to back up. The exception to this is Gmail, which can be backed up without knowing the user password using GAM. However, this is no longer an administratively simple solution.You can read more about this tool in the following article.

There are also payed tools that enable an automatic data backup of all users several times a day. Since these are third-party tools, Revolgy does not provide customer support for them.