If you've just started using Business version of G Suite together with Team Drives, you need to add the members of your team to the Team Drive first. We will briefly explain how to do it.


  • Access to Administration Console
  • Email addresses of the people you want to add
  • Note: You can only add people with Google accounts to a Team Drive.


  1. Open your Drive
  2. Go to Team Drives
  3. Choose the Team Drive you want to add members to
  4. Click on “+Add Members
  5. Add members
  6. After you have added the members, click on “Send” 


  • Find the Team Drive creation section and make sure that the “Prevent users in your domain from creating new Team Drives” box is not checked.


  • After you do that, set up whether you want to have it ON for everyone or just for some users.

  • If you want to allow this only for certain users, click on the OU (Organisational unit) on the left side for which you want to allow this policy. 

  • If you want to allow it for everyone, go to Apps - G Suite and click on three dots on the right and then check Drive and Docs:


And that's it! If you are still experiencing difficulties, don't hesitate to contact us here.