The Revolgy FinOps offer provides tooling and reporting capabilities to help customers gain better visibility into their Public cloud usage and delivers proactive cost optimization.

FinOps Specialist

You get access to an expert who will provide ongoing cost management assistance for your Cloud accounts.

Cost Tagging

Help with define a tagging standard for your Cloud environment that allows you to assign costs to different business units and drive efficient usage behavior.

Budgets & Alerts

Establish budgets per account, service or cost center and receive alerts when costs deviate or budget is exceeded.

Spend reporting

Detailed reports coupled with a monthly touch point with FinOps Specialist to review actions, plans and progress and help coordinate cost optimisation objectives.

Committed use optimisation and management

Ensure GCP Committed Use Discounts are properly utilized. Your Revolgy FinOps Specialist will provide ongoing evaluation with conversion and new purchase recommendations reported monthly.

Cost optimisation

Good governance leads to good optimization. Idle, unused, misaligned and out-of-date resources on your account are identified and your Revolgy FinOps Specialist will work with you to remediate along with instance scheduling capabilities and storage lifecycle policy recommendations.