Revolgy deploys, configures and optimises your complete cloud environment to industry best practices. We configure and maintain full monitoring and alerting of your solution and collaborate with you on a ‘Play-Book’ to define and resolve potential problems with complete RCA for high severity incidents.

24x7x365 Operations management

Technical support is available around the clock for quick and effective issue resolution, backed by our response time SLA.

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Your CSM will coordinate escalations, help ensure technical issue resolution and focus on account operations.

Monitoring & Alerts

Automated monitoring can provide early alerts with guaranteed response times as fast as 15 minutes for emergency incidents. Revolgy will work with you to define a custom ‘Play-Book’ to resolve potential problems.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Revolgy engineers will conduct a fully transparent RCA in the event of any high severity incidents. The report is shared with you within an agreed timeframe along with all planned and completed remediation activities.


Revolgy engineers work with you to understand your cloud infrastructure from the application down to define the optimal monitoring and response strategy. Along with this, we collaborate with you to define a playbook to pre-define and govern our actions and escalations during unexpected events. We continually review and tune these with you during monthly account reviews or as part of an RCA process for continuous improvement.