We help you to assess, plan and expedite your cloud infrastructure deployments, either as part of a migration to the public cloud or as part of a brand new deployment.

Architectural best practices

We leverage cloud architectural best practices in cost and performance efficiency, reliability and security. We understand the specific requirements of your workloads, combine this with our experience with 100’s of other similar use cases, and develop your solution to the latest technology standards.

Consultative approach

Revolgy Architects adopt a consultative approach to gather your requirements and produce a detailed design of your customised technical solution. Typically this includes a review of your overall cloud strategy and your key business drivers. Revolgy can also extend this as required with additional workshops, for example, to explain tools, processes and methodologies, or new cloud technologies to validate any prior assumptions.

Detailed diagram of the proposed architecture

Based on our consultation with you, we deliver a detailed Architecture and Build Design Document tailored to your specific requirements. The Revolgy Cloud Build Service will utilise this document to provision your solution.


Our solutions are designed with operations in mind, including monitoring and alerting recommendations in our architectural design to be implemented by Revolgy Build Service. 

For customers that will have Revolgy IM or Cloud Ops Services, we also work with you to create and operate Playbooks to manage, respond and escalate any incidents before they become major issues.

Deployment strategy

We help your team design and implement reliable continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines for your applications following current industry best practices. Having these pipelines in place enables you to have full control over your development and deployment process and ensures its sustainability and scalability into the future. Our deployment designs are always secure by default and pass even the strictest compliance requirements. Your solution is thoroughly tested and verified against your architectural design and handed over along with complete documentation.