Certified Cloud engineers with Project Manager convert your planned architecture into infrastructure code and deploy your cloud solution.

Cloud deployment best practices

An assigned Build Engineer translates the detailed design into a deployable public cloud infrastructure based on a ‘landing zone’ layout. LZ contains resources setup for standard cloud environments such as networking, IAM, shared services, logging and monitoring. The framework follows secure-by-design principles tested on dozens of projects to ensure the highest protection against poor design and security vulnerabilities.

Fully managed project

Revolgy Project Manager serves as a single point of contact and escalation, tracking project deliverables, risks and timelines to ensure successful project completion. Collaborative engineering approach to solution provisioning gives you full access to source code and git repositories. Standards are designed to get you up and running with the new cloud environment as quickly as possible.


Our solutions are produced with operations in mind. We include monitoring and alerting recommendations in our architectural design.