The L2 On-Call is provided as a lightweight version of the Incident Management service that offers 24/7 access to L2 and L3 engineers while keeping monitoring, alerting and L1 management the sole responsibility of the customer.

What pains and needs it solves?

- You have established and skilled team, but you got into situations, that you lack some knowledge in the team

- If you don't know, you have nobody else to ask for advice or guidance 

- You might have critical issue anytime, so you need to have it in 24/7 mode

- Google and AWS support did not fully understand your use case, so they could not help or their responses were too slow

- You need somebody who is knowledgable about your situation and understand your stack

Key features

- 24/7/365 access to our L2 and L3 engineers with guaranteed response times (P1 in 15min)

- Reactive Incident Management

- Root Cause Analysis

- Access through our engineers to Google Technical Support

- Revolgy is onboarded into your processes, so we stay relevant and have information quickly at hands.

- We are fully onboarded into your processes.
- We have access into your infrastructure, observability stack, Git repositories and change log.

Price Range

Tier Monthly cloud spend (EUR)
L2 On-call monthly fee
10 - 10.000EUR 2.000
210.001 - 25.000EUR 3.000
325.001 - 50.000EUR 4.000
50.001 - 100.000EUR 5.000
5100.001 - 150.000EUR 6.000
6150.001 - aboveEUR 7.000